Maximise Property Investment with Brokers

Not long time ago, homeowners can easily sell their home and move on to the next. However, things changed, and you must keep up with technology to get potential buyers. This is where brokers come in. They help in making intelligent decisions that are worth your time and money. If you’re planning to purchase a […]

Top 3 Tips for Buying Home and Land Packages

Are you excited about finally being financially capable to invest in home and land packages? You can’t blame yourself, sure, but this is one process where you shouldn’t hurry. If you’re a first-time buyer, you must proceed with caution. You wouldn’t want to be the person who worked so hard to invest in something he […]

Tips on Your First Mortgage

People dread being unable to pay bills all the time, and 9 out of 10 people will most likely tell you it’s due to the mortgage. It’s included in every homeowner’s horror story. The problem is that there’s so much to lose and so many people do not understand it. So, at the time of paying it, […]

Why Move to Hervey Bay?

From its amazing beaches to its safe neighbourhood, we listed the five reasons why you should consider moving to Hervey Bay: Safe Neighbourhood Safety is very important when choosing a community. Luckily, this is what Hervey Bay provides. The streets are well-lit, there are police officers patrolling at night, and the crime rate is low […]

How to Earn in Property Investment

Property investment can be a great way to make money. But the first thing that you need to do is discussed your plan to real estate professionals. This is because you need the right group of professionals to advise you what to do. This includes the price of the land and the tax. This is important […]

Factors to Consider in Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Before hiring a real estate agent, you must take a lot of factors into consideration one of it is you have to be familiar with property transfer fees. You shouldn’t hurry in making a choice since there are a lot of brokers. Some are better than others so you wouldn’t want to wind up with […]

How to Prevent Unlikely Services during Airport Transfers

How would you feel if you take a vacation to a place that you’ve never been to and get lost to the area because you have been tricked by a certain cab driver? Or what if, your flight go delayed for three hours then the person who should pick you up at the airport suddenly […]

Skills Required as a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent requires expertise in management, analysis and transaction of property. It is important to develop crucial skills to become a successful professional in the field. REIQ is where you will be able to maximize your full potentials. Organizational Proficiency Professionals in the business have to work with clients, mortgage financiers, attorneys and […]

Adding Value to Your House to Enhance Its Sale Price

Extensions can be of several different kinds, but they should serve a purpose. If you don’t have sufficient numbers of bathrooms in your house, go ahead and build them. Sometimes, even a tiny powder room/half bathroom, tucked away beneath the staircase can solve a host of problems. Every homeowner looks for a spacious open plan […]

How To Own Property In Pattaya

Buying houses for sale Pattaya is easy. However, there are some restrictions that must be taken cared of. For example, foreigners cannot own more than forty-nine percent of the property. The owner of the property will be issued with a deed that clearly shows the foreigner as the owner of the property. Then what’s the […]